What they say

  • AGL-Agility

    "The work you have done will allow us to become the benchmark for customer service."

  • Travelex

    "You have given us a sustainable business model that has simultaneously reduced our stock holdings whilst improving our customer service."

  • Commonwealth Bank

    "You have given us a way to quickly and clearly prioritise our risks."

  • Retravision

    "You have delivered value significantly over and above what was expected."

  • Optus

    "What we have achieved in five days would have taken me weeks and months under normal circumstances, and I am more confident of the facts and figures now than I have ever been before."

  • Hawker Pacific

    "Where others have failed, Synoptic has successfully and quickly bridged the gap between our complex business requirements and the functionality of the native solution."

  • Sabre Pacific

    "The Benefits Realisation Plan has been enacted from a strategic perspective and our strategic objectives are being met, .... We are extraordinarily happy with the results so far”

  • A Leading Australian University

    "Very impressive - this has been an extremely thorough review. You’ve delivered significantly more value than we were expecting. You’ve given us a lot to think about."

  • An Electronic Distribution Company

    "For the first time I really understand how I am contributing to the company. You have opened my eyes..."

  • Scouts NSW

    "I highly recommend Synoptic Consulting as a group of professional people who have added (and continue to add) significant value to our organisation, beyond what was originally expected."

  • A National Service Organisation

    "Its like having a 360 degree view of the business."

  • Crown Castle

    "It is a tribute to the quality of your work that your report has withstood the strongest of scrutiny."

  • A Global Telco

    "Synoptic gave us a practical and efficient one-stop-shop for managing and monitoring our Sarbanes-Oxley compliance."

  • Resi Mortgage

    “I challenge any of my industry colleagues to be sure their processes are neat and tidy and efficient if they have not been through this sort of exercise."

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Established in 2000, Synoptic Consulting is a business management consultancy that specialises in Business Process Improvement for the Australian market. We assist our clients to 'operationalise their business strategies' by improving their processes, with a balanced focus on policy, process, people and technology requirements.

This is achieved by offering the following services:

Synoptic enjoys an enviable track record of success across most industry and government sectors, and is on the Australian Government's multi-use supplier list for ICT Management Consultants.

fast results

We can analyse a business process (with quantifiable, auditable metrics) in 1 day. Define improvement solutions plus a business case in a further 1 day. This is rare in the marketplace.

a highly effective approach

Your staff’s knowledge of the process combined with our understanding of process improvement, fast tracks the path to significant and sustainable results.

implementation know how

We provide ‘on-the-floor’ supervisory coaching, support and management of the change to ensure benefits are realised, sustainable and repeatable.